Monday, August 1, 2016

April 2017 File factory File Listing.

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There are addons for Chrome as well..

Actually I did put up a new list until April 2017.. But lost the post..

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New FF links for Aug 2016... Most old accounts have expired and all the old links were deleted.

The April 2017 File Factory x265, x264 and x263 list is now up....


! get the list from this page to check what is currently available and keep checking this page to see what the current status is, there are just too many chages and deletions to keep track off easily.

This is a text file of all H264/H265 rips... Click here to get a Text file with names upto April 2017.

Please read this to find the differences between H265/x265/MKV and H264/x264/MP4 (x263 are divx avi and xvids) rips..
The H265 or x265 are encoders depending on hardware or software for 265 video format. Software encoders are far better quality than hardware encoders but take 4 times as long to encode and file size are much smaller.

MKV files are H265 rips.. They are far smaller than H263/avi's and even H264/mp4 rips..

A 4300MB DVD/MPG/x262 would convert to a 1500MB avi/x263.. or a 500MB x264 file.. or a 250MB x265 file..
VHS tapes with lots of noise would have higher file sizes.. but HD digital rips would be under 500MB for X265 as they have almost no noise even though screen size is almost 4 times as big..

So a H264 would be less than half the size of the avi file and a H265 file would be like 25% the size. I had to use some smoothing filters and other work to get MP4/H264 to fit in the under 500MB FF limit. But the H265/MKV rips are always under 500MB no matter what except for VHS rips which are very few.

So H265 rips are better than H264 rips in sharpness and quality since they are straight DVD or HD encodes.
But in many cases H264/MP4 rips are fan-edits.. So they contain extended cuts and scenes from multiple files..
Since H265 rips are straight encodes with no fan edits they might be missing extended scenes.

I am now only doing x265 8bit encodes.. The 10bit x265 encodes seems to use just too much CPU power and dont work on tablets and phones that use hardware decoders..

The x264 rips already used 10bit encodes as that did not use the CPU as much as x265 does and 10bit saves like 5% in file size...

So Get the latest Players.. Tested with many players and all of them now work with x264/x265 and 8/10bit encodes...

x265 encodes in an MP4 container has problems with sync and seeking, especially with VLC... which can be fixed with a 3 step process but easier to just use MKV format... so x265 come in MKV format only... MP4 in some cases also will not play an incomplete file but you can stream MKV's.

This is a text file of all rips currently active...

Since the Latest rips are NOT in the Text file, use the Folder listing ...

Click here for the most recent files uploaded after the text file was created....

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